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Parlor Roastery

Another amazing shoot for Parlor Coffee. Their Roastery + Tasting Room is impeccably designed. Do yourself a favor and visit the roastery when they are open to the public on Sundays. Here are some outtakes from our shoot.

An afternoon with Jim Gaffigan

Last week, I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Jim Gaffigan. The shoot was a blast and I’ll let this behind the scenes photo, do most of the talking. Thanks Jim!

Davis, Ok & The Mississippi River

New York, NY

In 2007, I started documenting the community of Green Valley in southern California, after a devastating forest fire. Every year since, I have returned to continue the documentation. These photographs were made on December 26th 2012. The full project can be seen here.

New still’s life done in A Studio. See more here: