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New website for my personal projects. Click here to view.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came out and helped this weekend with the East River Coastal Cleanup! We had the best turnout to date…over 50 volunteers.    

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A.G.P for Scotch & Soda


Had an opportunity to work with Scotch and Soda, photographing their new store in New York. Great crew! You can see some of the photos here…

New York, NY

Goat Town | New York

Case Study: Orchard

Congratulations, President Obama.

A Studio Visit [002] 

Name: Thom Gastelum
Occupation: Tattooer
Resides in: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Current Inspiration:  Ashley Love, Mike Adams, Josh Stephens, Liam Sparkes, Thomas Hooper, Cris Cleen, Mark Cross, Bailey hunter Robinson, MXME. 
"Each of these artists is unique and brings a completely different feel, compared to the other. I find each to have a strong sense of solid design and understanding of their craft. I can translate this into my own work and it has helped me grow as an artist and a tattooer."

Thank you to all the volunteers that came out this weekend to the East River Park. Another very successful cleanup!

Abraco NY, NY

New article in Live Fast Magazine

Article in Huffington Post on my East River project. 

We need your Votes!! Our community needs to raise money for a permanent solution to the debris and trash that is consistently plaguing the East River Park in NYC. Click on the photo for more details. Thank you!!

Thank you for all coming out and helping with our 2nd clean-up on the East River. New photos from “East River and the Sanctum we walk” can be seen here.